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Selected pieces by Evan Hughes

The New Republic, "The Man Who Wrote Too Much," the first reported feature profile in the U.S. of Karl Ove Knausgaard, with reporting from Norway and Sweden, April 2014

New York Magazine, “Just Kids,” on the early days of Jeffrey Eugenides, David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, and Mary Karr, October 2011

The New York Times Book Review
, "Anthologies," a review-essay on four anthologies from leading literary and intellectual journals, December 2014

The New Yorker.com, "Why Name Your Book After Hitler's?" on the controversy surrounding the title of Karl Ove Knausgaard's My Struggle, June 2014

WIRED, “Book Publishers Scramble to Rewrite Their Future,” April 2013

Tin House
, “Consider the Gentrifier,” Fall 2012 [Reprinted in Utne Reader]

, “Life After Moneyball,” on the 2012 Oakland A’s, June 2012

The New Republic
, “Jaron Lanier and the Case for Moonshot Thinking,” May 2013 [Featured on the Daily Dish]

The New Republic
, “The Meet Market,” on sex among young adults, March 2011 [Featured on Arts & Letters Daily and the Daily Dish]

London Review of Books, “White Boy Walking,” May 2007

The New York Review of Books
, “An Ordinary Girl,” March 2006

, “The Literary Biography You Need to Read This Fall,” on D.T. Max’s biography of David Foster Wallace, September 2012

The Awl, “The Shocking True Tale of the Mad Genius Who Invented Sea-Monkeys,” June 2011 [Featured on the Daily Dish and an editors’ pick on Longreads]

The New York Sun, “The War Within,” on Denis Johnson’s Tree of Smoke, August 2007

n+1, “Or Are You Happy to See Me,” April 2005

New York Magazine, “Norman Mailer Runs for Mayor, Stabs Wife,” April 2012

The Awl, “The Most Flagrantly Tactless First-Rate Brooklyn Novelist,” on L.J. Davis, April 2011

The Awl, “The Strange, Great History of Norman Mailer’s $2.5 Million Penthouse,” May 2011

The New York Times Magazine, “The Drivable One-Man Blimp,” December 2006

The New York Times Book Review, “Boats Against the Current,” May 2006
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